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Betarian Wallet is a secure and easy way to store, buy, and receive Ethereum.
It is simple and streamlined to provide the best user experience.

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For your peace of mind

We take careful measures to ensure that your ETH is as safe as possible. Betarian uses offline storage which provides an important security measure against theft or loss. This data is then split with redundancy, AES-256 encrypted, and copied to FIPS-140 USB drives and paper backups. Our website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (https) and the other sensitive data that would normally reside on our servers is disconnected entirely from the internet. We also offer 2-factor authentication to the users, in addition to your username and password, you'll enter a code from your mobile phone, adding an extra layer of security for your account. This can be enabled on your Security page by adding Authenticator or a phone number.


How does it work?

Betarian allows you to obtain Ethereum with Paypal or a credit card quickly.
Betarian works by connecting lenders and borrowers together.

We built a platform for
The crypto trading Industry

Cryptocurrency exchanges or digital currency exchanges (DCE) are businesses that allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets.

Our team has built a secure, easy-to-use product based on a digital arbitration system. Betarian works by connecting lenders and borrowers together. A lender deposits Ethereum into his account and puts it up for sale. When a customer borrows that Ethereum, he pays the lender, and the Ethereum is taken from the lenders account and put into the borrowers account.

What is Crypto?
How it works

Problems & Solutions

Ethereum was proposed in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer.
It launched in 2015 and many others have followed the suit.


Different pieces of the new cryptocurrencies are born as building blocks, but there’s no way for them to work together.

Before Betarian there was no site that sold Ethereum for PayPal payments. Many people would love to buy Ethereum with PayPal anonymously. However, they cannot, instead, they would have needed to perform a workaround. Albeit, sites exist that will sell users Bitcoins for Paypal there was no site for Ethereum. In these cases, the user would have to buy the Bitcoin then send that to an exchange. They must pay fees for sending, fees for exchanging, and then fees again for sending their ETH to the desired address. Betarian cuts out this process and the cheapest fees than of Paypal to Crypto website.



Many people would love to buy Ethereum with PayPal anonymously but this simply was not possible.

But now it is, with Betarian. Betarian is the key that unlocks your decentralized experience of Ethereum, saving you the vexatious workaround, making buying Ethereum with Paypal/payment cards possible and all this while keeping you anonymous.

Try Betarian, an account is all you need to get started.


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Most exchanges do not allow you to buy bitcoin with a credit card or make you wait several days to receive your cryptocurrency.
When it comes to Betarian the entire process takes only a few minutes.

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Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the
compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression.

To deposit Ethereum, you must go to deposit page in your dashboard menu. You will find your Ethereum address there. Send Ethereum to that address to deposit.
Betarian is a peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. All loans originated at Betarian are person to person loans. You will be paying directly to the lender.
You can email us here [email protected]. We will reach back to you in maximum 24 hours.
Your Ethereum will be deposited into your on-site wallet instantly after payment.
Email [email protected] and a support agent will help you within 24 hours.
No, if you do not have a paypal account simply select Pay with a debit or credit card. You can also select Paypal Credit on Paypal’s payment page.
Betarian will provide you with evidence and documents to fight the chargeback. In the case that the borrower issues a chargeback, Betarian will load your account with neccesary documents to fight the chargeback. This helps negate risk from our lenders.
On every transaction you recieve + 10% more than you lent. For example if you recieve $100 we take $90 worth of Ethereum from your account. This accounts for the fees paypal takes aswell.
Yes, you must have a verified paypal account to lend Ethereum.
Yes, Betarian supports 2FA security feature. It can be enabled or disabled in your account settings.
Betarian employee will never ask you for your credentials. If you were approched by someone with the request above please let us know here [email protected]. Do not share your credentials with anyone in any case as it may be used for fraud purposes.
All the data is split with redundancy, AES-256 encrypted, and copied to FIPS-140 USB drives and paper backups. It's pretty secured.


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